Gene Swift - Singer/Songwriter

The Early Years

The main focus of this website is a chronicle of Gene's musical life. Start here to see a scrapbook of old photos, memorabilia and stories from his earliest musical endeavors. In bands such as Days of Grace and Lightning Slim and the Rangers and The Dog Years he began paying his musical dues.

Early Years

Club Days

This section covers Gene's adult musical career. Gene has played with many bands over the years, among them The Dog Days, Cowboys and Indians, Straight Arrow, and The Woolf Bell Band. He has spent many years playing on stage, writing original music, and perfecting his chops with some of the best musicians in the United States.

Club Days

Original Music

Gene writes and records albums of his original music bringing in the best local and national musicians to put their own particular stamp on the songs and projects. Visit this page for photo galleries of musicians and audio clips from some of his various origial projects.

Original Music

Backseat Guru

Gene's first fully self-written and produced studio album. Performances by James Woods, Jill Sissel, Mark Towner Williams, Mary Tebbs, John Flanders and many others.


Zinjanthropus Man

Gene's second full studio album. Performances by Jill Sissel, Ron Woolf, Leraine Hortsmanschoff, John Ross Bell, Eric Stoye, Vintah Montoya and many others.

 Zinjan Man

Woolf Bell Band

Gene has been with the Woolf Bell Band since 2001. Over that time they have released several albums of original music.

Woolf Bell